Web-Based Online Giving Portal


The most important aspect of a giving tool is giver comfort. If a giver hesitates, the gift is likely lost. There should be no doubt where funds are going (in terms of which organization will receive it and how the gift will be used). The online giving page’s message should be short and sweet, permitting the continued warmth of the ministry itself to extend into the giving page.

egiving sample giving page

The most popular and effective online giving page we have will be chosen by your givers over PayPal or an ecommerce option nearly 100% of the time. This online giving page is mobile friendly and is linkable to your Facebook page (using our app).

Examples of online giving webpages:

There are a variety of online giving pages available like you see here as well as iFrame forms and custom forms (added costs). Forms can take gifts, sell some items, catalog items, and handle events. They are hosted in a PCI-DSS secure environment.

The web-based giving tools allow your staff and leaders access anywhere they can be online. Right now these tools provide you with the ability to enter single or recurring giving from any source (phone, fax, paper, mail, etc.) into a giver’s account. The gift transfers automatically on the date and designation the giver specifies. Funds go directly from the giver’s checking/savings account or credit/debit card account to the ministry account. No hands touch those funds.

Your administrator opens your projects inside the tool and assembles appropriate giving page(s) for those purposes of giving. The page formats are specifically designed for giver comfort. Projects could be a missionary or building fund or any number of designations you need. You choose what methods of payment are accepted. You choose whether it is appropriate to allow your givers to open their own accounts and manage their giving through giver user accounts. These giver accounts can be valuable for churches and mission covering organizations.

You can decide the level of access for your users. A webmaster might have limited access to generate giving pages. The administrator has access to all. Credit card numbers are truncated and encrypted. Administrators view the full year of planned giving for all givers. Individual giver accounts display their own giving calendar. All gifts are recorded and totaled year-to-date. Annual receipts are available and controlled by administrators. Reports are robust, and custom reports can be built to match your management software inexpensively.

All tools are PCI compliant. This expensive process is new security required by credit card companies. Your tools are supported by eGiving.com and the processors involved, and client support is exceptional on all accounts.

Once you decide what you need tools to do… and what you need for results, call us at 888.780.4483 for a conversation and a demo. For tool costs and handouts for your leadership team, click Here.

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