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The ministry of was formed in response to a calling to help strengthen para-church funding (missions, etc.) with recurring electronic giving.’s ministry has grown to include web giving & church giving, and it plays a “connection” role between web-based software and Kingdom givers.

We do not desire to build a mega software empire, but instead we desire to provide a good interface for givers, while helping both leadership and administrators connect to tools they need right now that are useful for growth.

Benefits of Using Tools

Sample giving webpage

  • Build electronic monthly giving
  • Effective and giver-friendly online giving
  • Ministry controls everything
  • Funds go directly from giver to ministry bank account
  • Inexpensive yet effective and secure
  • Secure: PCI compliant
  • Giver tracking and receipting
  • All major credit cards and ACH
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Accessible anywhere (web-based)
  • Mobile giving pages
  • Facebook giving app
  • Receive and pay out
  • Website not necessary


  • Support on fundraising and strategies; available coaching
  • Patient software support for non-web natives (both church and para-church)
  • Great referrals from other ministries; proven processes
  • Christian ministry focus, no secular clients or processing
  • Made in America

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eGiving Strategy Support staff have gained some wisdom in the last 25 years of Kingdom giving, payment processing and 12 years of ministry application. Support topics include:

  • events
  • web relationship building
  • person-to-person appeals
  • monthly partner team building
  • access to long term coaching relationships (key growth feature) strategy counsel is a key mission-increase component provided as needed to our clients. Tools without strategies yield little.

eGiving Tools has developed tools and partnerships uniquely designed to increase ministry giving through:

  • electronic recurring giving
  • online giving & payment
  • donation management
  • project giving
  • giver tracking & reporting

Tools also include in-person, event, mail and web forms, as well as other support materials. For a full TOOL COMPARISON of feature and pricing click HERE.


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