Reviews & Testimonials


“Thanks so much. There are no words as to how grateful I am that God has sent you to work with me for Taiwan’s lost.”



“Once again, I am so impressed by y’all’s ministry! From WHAT you actually do (in providing tons of free help, advice, and resources to assist ministries in fund-raising) to HOW you go about doing it (top-notch, free, personalized customer service!). Thank you for being EXCELLENT at what God has called you to do — what a blessing!”



“I just told my colleague Dave W. about and encouraged him to sign up! I can’t believe centers aren’t already signed up with you…. you guys are so helpful.”



“Thank you so much for your insight! I took your advice and started reworking the site; already we have had several new donations towards monthly expenses! appreciate you taking the time and helping out in this way. It means a lot to us! Your ministry is just what we needed. Thank you for what you do!”



“A bit of encouragement today: I merged all my donors from the instructions you sent. Loved it. Very easy and much better. I printed all my 2011 statements today. so nice, very easy, all in alphabetical order. I love it! is the best.”



“We just wanted to say thank you so much for Your method of support has blessed us immensely as it helps us to focus on worship, on ministering to others, on building up God’s kingdom, rather than spending lots of time on our financial needs.

Yes, we have to be honest – we do need money for rent, food and other necessities, but we don’t want this to be our center! We want Messiah Yeshua to be our focus and building up His kingdom here on earth so thank you for the release to walk in the fullness of what we’re called to do while here on this earth!”



“More than 54K–just like last year. Scott Klusendorf was fabulous. He did the dual ask right off of the pledge form. He told me if I wanted to join him in the ask that I was welcome to just come up. I didn’t feel led to join him–he was perfect.”



“Our banquet went very, very well! Our total banquet income was over $112,000. Many of the gifts and monthly pledges were done electronically … It was amazing! We will be working on an end of year appeal which we might call you about for some good ideas about that. It is going to be a newsletter that will be mailed and emailed.

I used your suggestions for my speech and some other friends also helped me to tighten it up and I think it went well and inspired many people. It was just a remarkable success and we are still in shock and so grateful to God for His amazing blessings!”



“Initial one time gifts was WAY down—just about $25,000. Other centers I know of have experienced the same thing this year. But, our eGiving doubled!! We now have just under 80 active partners using on a monthly basis. Nearly $3,000 a month, which is very encouraging. I had just a handful (5-6) who wrote me notes saying they preferred to give by writing a check once a month or adding us to bill pay through the bank.”



“Everything does is free and for our good as a ministry. They help with no strings attached! This week, they called and e-mailed me about setting up a phone meeting. The purpose of the meeting was just to share good ideas from other ministries using, to walk me through their free resource page online, to offer advice on improving our current uses of, and to answer as many questions I may have. They were persistent in pursuing me — just so they could help me to increase support for my mission! is a ministry to ministries, and I am so grateful that God led us to them!”



“I incorporated some of these into an event last night and they were up 31% from their previous high, so that’s good news!”



“Working with has been such a blessing. They have the knowledge and the heart to make really make a significant difference for ministries.

They truly care about those they serve. They offer timely services. They are competitive. We started out new in the ministry, and they were able to skillfully walk us through the electronic giving process.’s desire is to glorify God in all they do; they are much more than a vendor, they are a partner in the gospel.”



“I just wanted to thank you so much for your encouragement and helpful advice during our Tuesday phone appointment. I really see God’s hand in the timing of our dialogue, and I pray for the confidence to implement some of these ideas. We worked on the ‘new pledge card’ for our upcoming Benefit yesterday. I think that this will be good to get our eGiving foundation started. Thanks for speaking truth into my life about fear, the reminder of the author of fear, and about being self-occupied rather than ministry occupied as pertains to the Dinner that night. (You didn’t exhort, I just heard the Lord’s correction as you spoke I think!) Please pray for our little mission here, as we add to our services; that God will bless this opportunity to raise support in a painless way. I have spent so much time in fundraising that it has about driven me out of my call here- I’ll be honest with you. I appreciate the vision that you have given me to introduce this in a broader, positive way.”



“ has made a significant difference in our budgeted giving patterns, we can typically expect the equivalent of one additional weeks giving just through our online giving. It also allows parents freedom to pay for camps and activities on-line increasing their convenience, and I don’t have to worry about the Student Ministries staff losing checks or cash. It has been a great benefit to the organization.”



“I wanted to give you an update on how our banquet went in September. I first want to thank you for your prayers, and for all that you did to encourage my heart and give me a good kick in the right direction (to do the Ask). We were able to raise over $110,000 this year. That is over 1/3rd more than last year. Truly proving that GOD’s economy is not our economy. I never felt more confident or courageous as I did that night sharing our story and then asking for 3 things. (we did have the most monthly partners sign up than ever before). I am grateful for your coaching and for your prayers. I just wanted to let you know that. NOW, I have money to tithe and would like to have some suggestions from you on who to give to.”



“The stamps on the newsletter weren’t even dry and we got a contact from one person to receive the newsletter by email and this letter in response to the online newsletter. People are going to the website!!!!!!”



“This year we made the jump to and Way Cool (they collaborate). Last year was our first year w/ Ministry Sync, and we had an increase in giving on line, but not in overall giving for the Walk (it was this staff’s first year). There were some gliches, but we are prayerfully expecting a better response this year – but a lot depends on how one markets the Walk too. We used MS for the Banquet too, with more success. I am happy that we took the plunge. has allowed us to increase our electronic gifts as well. The CEO of is very helpful in sharing fundraising philosophies and what works to better support our ministry. I would recommend contacting them.”



“Great! Thank you for the good coaching and the more effective language to use. I will use a more direct appeal next time. At the Gala I used a hybrid of two of the appeals you have on your web site. It was a solid start and an amazing evening. We have a lot of momentum and people engaged as a result of this Gala, which means that next year’s should produce even better giving results.

Thanks brother for your continued heart and faithfulness to me and our cause!”



“You were such an encouragement to me.”



“Just thought you would be encouraged to know that after the banquet we just had – we are now at a total of 374 monthly eGivers, for a total of $22,602 per month. All praises to our Lord!!!”



“We are so grateful for’s partnership with us! We look forward to collaborating more as we get to work on our website and refine our support raising model.”